Current Bar-W Officers

Kaci Sisk, President, Bar-W

Kaci Sisk


Diane Zornow, 1st Vice President, Programs, Bar-W

Diane Zornow

1st Vice President, Programs

Judy Wilken, 2nd Vice President, Membership, Bar-W

Judy Wilken

2nd Vice President, Membership

Diane Moore, 3rd Vice President, Campaign Activities/Volunteers, Bar-W

Diane Moore

3rd Vice President, Campaign Activities & Volunteers

Liz Jeffrey, Recording/Corresponding Secretary, Bar-W

Liz Jeffrey

Recording/Corresponding Secretary

Gloria Hawkins, PAC Treasurer, Bar-W

Gloria Hawkins

PAC Treasurer

Linda Bartle, Chaplain, Bar-W

Linda Bartle


Geri Ray, Immediate Past President, Bar-W

Geri Ray

Immediate Past President

Vacant, Parliamentarian, Bar-W



Hazel Roman, Founder of Bulverde Area Republican Women (Bar-W)

Hazel Roman


Committees & Chairs

Diane Moore - Achievement Awards

Achievement Awards

Diane Moore

Awards: It is the responsibility of the Awards Chairman to encourage Bar-W participation in the various TFRW and NFRW awards programs… such as the NFRW Club Achievement and Caring for America awards; and the TFRW John Goodwin Tower Award of Excellence, Americanism Recognition, Newsletter, and other awards. To facilitate award participation, the Awards Chairman works closely with Officers and Committee Chairmen to ensure that the various award requirements are being met during the Club meetings and activities, and that award deadlines for such things as dues and roster information are met and submitted by their various due dates, and in the manner prescribed. She should keep Bar-W members informed about and involved in the various award opportunities. The purpose of the TFRW and NFRW Awards programs is to facilitate:

  • Election of local, state, and national Republican candidates
  • Political education
  • Political activism and participation

Bylaws Chairman

The Bar-W Bylaws Chairman should be familiar with the club’s bylaws and the bylaws of TFRW and NFRW. She should understand what bylaws are and why they are important, so that she is prepared to review Bar-W’s bylaws and suggest any amendments needed. It is her responsibility to submit any amendments to Bar-W bylaws to the TFRW Vice President-Bylaws for approval before those amendments are approved and implemented by the membership. After every Biennial Convention, she should (1) examine Bar-W bylaws and ensure they are in accord with the bylaws of the two superior bodies, which frequently make changes at their Conventions, and, if not, adopt the appropriate amendments and (2) include the necessary rules for the smooth and orderly functioning of the Bar-W as currently being applied in obtaining its objectives and aims.


Patricia Avery - Bar-W Boutique


Patricia Avery

The Boutique Chairman is a valued part of the Bar-W fundraising effort. While the function name implies only merchandise, the critical part of the Committee is contact with the community to engage and educate about Bar-W and conservative principles. The Committee Chair is tasked with procuring appropriate merchandise within budget and attending general meetings and outside functions where Bar-W is participating. The Chair and her Committee is responsible for setting up the boutique and merchandise at meetings and functions and having meeting flyers, membership brochures and applications, voter registration material, candidate flyers and signs, etc., available.


Diane Moore - Achievement Awards

Caring for America

Open Seat

Clubs in the Texas Federation of Republican Women serve their communities in a variety of ways that are not necessarily political.  We demonstrate how much we care through our Caring for America community service program designed to assist those in need and enhance the GOP’s image. The program, designed to project a positive image of Republican Women in particular and the GOP in general, promotes volunteerism and private sector initiatives at the local, state, and national levels. It focuses on Republican Values and Republican Women. To achieve the ideals of this valuable community service program, the Bar-W Caring for America Chairman will:

  • Guide the Bar-W in selecting and accomplishing at least one major project that supports Republican ideals that encourage free enterprise and individual initiative, help those who are striving to become self-sufficient, and support education.
  • Encourage volunteerism and private sector initiatives as important objectives.
  • Keep volunteers interested and motivated through "contests" and incentives.
  • Publicize Local Club project activities in the local news media and in TFRW and NFRW publications.


Diane Moore - Achievement Awards


Linda Bartle

The Chaplain serves a “quiet, but greatly needed” position within Bar-W. It is a beautiful tradition to begin a meeting, or any Republican Women’s event, with a prayer, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance to our Flags. As put forth and followed religiously by our forefathers of this great Nation of the United States of America, this brief but necessary action effectively gathers us together in a bonded group for the remainder of the meeting or event. The Chaplain not only leads the Club in prayer, but also works with the 1st VP, Programs, to bring local Pastors and others to participate in special events for invocations and benedictions. The Bar-W Chaplain is an integral part of the Club and provides spiritual leadership to guide the Club in all our endeavors.


Diane Moore - Achievement Awards

Community Presence Initiative (CPI)

Linda Bartle

Started in late 2014 as a special committee, the CPI Committee was included in the bylaws as a standing committee in 2016. Because Comal County is rapidly growing, the CPI Committee is in the position to meet and socialize with many new neighbors. Its purpose is to engage in volunteer activities in the community to better appreciate and understand the issues of our neighbors, serve as positive role models in the community, and promote the values of Bar-W and the Republican Party. “Walking our talk” and demonstrating both our faith and conservative principles goes a long way to opening hearts and minds  The Chairman is charged with identifying events, organizations, clubs, and planning for the Committee to attend, and then reporting pertinent information to the Board and/or Membership.


Diane Moore - Achievement Awards


Judy Wilken

Bar-W’s annual Directory could be considered the “phone book” for the members. It typically contains a listing of contact information for: members, current Board Members, elected officials, and important County and State offices. A short history of Bar-W and its founders can also be included. The Directory Chairman is ultimately responsible for the Directory product but works in coordination with the 3rd VP Campaign Activities and the 2nd VP Membership to accomplish the task


Diane Moore - Achievement Awards


Open Seat

Every volunteer organization is involved in fundraising to support its activities. Although there are yearly dues, they are insufficient to meet normal operating expenses. To have dues cover the cost of Bar-W's programs would prohibit many women from being active members. To be successful in meeting the needs of the club's activities and programs each year, the Fundraising Chairman is responsible for understanding Bar-W’s objectives and requirements for funds and drafting a suitable budget line item request in accordance with the Treasurer’s guidelines. She is also responsible for:

  • Recruiting a committee to come up with suggestions and goal in dollars. (Include the President as a member or an ex officio member).
  • Having the membership vote on all fundraising projects to ensure their participation.
  • Accounting for all financial expenditures and contributions, to include gifts in-kind, associated with the fundraising activities (excluding Boutique transactions and membership dues and donations).


Diane Moore - Achievement Awards


Open Seat

The Bar-W Historian is charged with documenting the yearly activities. The Historian’s function can be considered to be like a scrapbooker’s activities: providing a record of important, outstanding, and noteworthy events and happenings.


Diane Moore - Achievement Awards

Hospitality Chair

Mary Catherine Cole

The Hospitality Chairman plans and organizes meetings’ refreshment.  The Chair also is co-chair to plan and organize Bar-W’s Membership Reception and Guest Night Dinner Meetings. In addition, the Hospitality Committee is responsible for meeting, greeting and welcoming the members and guests at each meeting.


Diane Moore - Achievement Awards


Sally Jane Driscoll

Republican women work very hard to elect Republicans to office... but our job doesn't end with the election. It is the responsibility of the Legislative Chairman to encourage active participation in the legislative process. She should insure that information about legislative activities be an integral part of every Bar-W meeting and Newsletter. She should provide information and encourage discussion about all major bills in both the U. S. Congress and the Texas Legislature.

Since TFRW does not lobby as an organization, it is very important to teach members how they, as individuals, can stay current and lobby effectively. One must work to keep abreast of current legislation, particularly when both the Texas Legislature and the U. S. Congress are in session


Diane Moore - Achievement Awards


Fran Carlson

The Bar-W Literacy Committee Chairman coordinates our Dictionary Project and Pocket Constitution Project with Comal ISD schools. This includes keeping up with our rapidly increasing number of both schools and students through her contacts within the ISD system. On behalf of Bar-W, she purchases the dictionaries and Constitutions, prepares bookplates and affixes them to each, arranges our Dictionary Signing Night at one of the General Meetings, and is responsible for delivery of signed copies to all the local 3rd grade students, as well as delivery of Constitutions to local 5th graders. The Literacy Chairman is also in charge of seeking out and acquiring age and content-appropriate books for our Meeting speakers to sign; she and her Committee members then deliver them to local schools for their libraries.


Diane Moore - Achievement Awards

Military Liason

Open Seat

The military services in the United States consist of about 1.5 million active duty, 1.5 million National Guard and Reserve personnel, and about 800,000 civilians. Added to the military community are retirees and other veterans, and the families of the men and women in each of these categories. Together, they represent a substantial number of people who, as a general rule, are highly likely to vote in State and National elections. It is important for Republicans to be acquainted with the issues of concern to all the military community, so we can lend support when possible and appropriate. The Military Liaison Committee is a resource for Bar-W to stay informed on legislation and policies affecting all the military community. The Bar-W Military Liaison is responsible to:

  • Keep abreast of major developments within the Department of Defense, the various military agencies and the Veterans Administration.
  • Inform the Board, through periodic presentations, of significant matters affecting the Military Community.
  • Research specific questions about military matters for board members and Local Club Presidents.


Diane Moore - Achievement Awards


Open Seat

The Newsletter Chairman is charged with producing a monthly newsletter, in close cooperation with other members of the Board. Bar-W’s Bugle Newsletter objectives are to keep members informed, create positive PR, and serve as a recruitment tool. The Bugle has transitioned from a print newsletter to an electronic one as a cost-effective and timesaving option. The goal is to reach the members prior to the monthly meetings with information about the upcoming meeting program and announcements of events. It also contains, at a minimum, a message from the President and the Chaplain; a summary and pictures of the previous meeting; descriptions and pictures of activities the Club members have participated in recently; a Legislative Chairman’s article; contact information for the Board of Directors. The Newsletter Chairman is required to submit all material to the President before publication The Bugle must ALWAYS include Bar-W’s political disclaimer.

The Bugle will also be sent to:

  • The TFRW Public Relations Chairman
  • The TFRW President
  • TFRW Headquarters
  • Our TFRW Deputy President
  • Our TFRW District Director


Diane Moore - Achievement Awards


Mallory Moore

The Bar-W Public Relations (PR) Chairman is responsible, in part, for Bar-W’s public image. It is the PR Chairman’s duty to publicize Bar-W, the meetings, and any special events. The PR Chairman is Bar-W’s’ contact person to the media, and media representatives should contact The PR Chairman should they have any questions. The Chairman should develop a working relationship and collect current names, phone numbers, and email addresses for a media file.


Diane Moore - Achievement Awards

Senior Americans

Open Seat

It is important for Republicans to be acquainted with the issues of concern to the senior population in our community, so we can lend support when possible and appropriate. The Senior Americans Committee is a resource for Bar-W to stay informed on legislation and policies and the effects on our local senior community. The Chairman and her Committee are responsible for keeping in touch with the local senior resource agencies and facilities and arrange for assistance if possible. The Committee is also charged with encouraging and supporting the senior population to vote


Sandy Hancock - Teenage Republican Liaison

Teenage Republican Liaison

Sandy Hancock

The Chairman keeps Bar-W in touch with the local schools, promotes voter registration for students, and chairs the Scholarship Committee. Through her relationships with local schools, colleges, institutes, she may assist in the recruitment of young Republican women to Bar-W, encourage them to volunteer at GOP or County Republican headquarters and on local candidate’s campaigns.


Diane Moore - Achievement Awards


Vicki Panzer

The Telephone Chairman and her Committee are the voices on the other end of the phones that remind members of the meetings. The reminders include speaker information, other special items on the agenda, and date and time of meetings. This reach out to members is also a good way to keep the Club informed of members who may need prayers, a get well or sympathy card, etc., and sometimes just to chat and get to know the members. Phone call reminders have proven to increase Members’ awareness and attendance at meetings.


Diane Moore - Achievement Awards


Caryn Maus

Bar-W’s website chairman handles the building and maintaining of an online presence for the club. Duties include:

  • Developing and maintaining a well-designed website so that all members can navigate through the site and benefit from its content
  • Consulting with the President and Board of Directors for guidance on content and links, especially anything having to do with issues, controversial or not.
  • Linking website to: TFRW and NFRW; national state, and local Party sites; appropriate elected officials’ sites; and candidate websites.
  • Keeping the website updated


Diane Moore - Achievement Awards

Women's Fitness

Jan Tilley

Bar-W’s Women’s Fitness Chairman provides the membership with information and tips as well as healthy recipes to help keep us physically fit.