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Bulverde Area Republican Women


I am pleased you have chosen to consider membership in our Republican Club! I’m confident you will enjoy the meetings and the company of like-minded, active and engaged men and women.

As a Bar-W member, you will have the opportunity to hear outstanding and informative speakers on a monthly basis, and be able to participate in many membership benefits such as Community Service Projects and Social Activities. (Please see our Officers and Committees page for an overview!) Our monthly meetings, which are held at 6:00pm (2nd Mondays of each month), will provide a platform for you to meet area leaders and politicians.

Bar-W publishes a monthly newsletter, The Bugle, and you will be notified in advance via email and the newsletter of the meeting schedule and speakers. The Bugle also includes community information, opportunities for engagement, legislative information and news, and much more.

Bar-W’s primary objectives are to inform, educate, and engage our community. We have various ways to meet those objectives and our members can be as active as they like! Because we have many projects throughout each year, our members can pick those things that appeal to their interests or passions.

We also work closely with other Republican groups to elect conservative Republican candidates and strive to influence legislation through state and national advocacy programs. Help is always appreciated! Your contribution of annual dues will help carry on our work.

As a Regular/Voting member of the Bulverde Area Republican Women (Bar-W), you automatically become a member of the Texas Federation of Republican Women (TFRW) and the National Federation of Republican Women (NFRW). Additional benefits include receiving TFRW’s quarterly newsletter. Dual/Associate Women members receive these through their primary club. Associate Men members do not become members of TFRW or NFRW, but they are still a vital part of the Bar-W.

Thank you for considering Bar-W! We would love to have you become a member of our dynamic group of Republican Women – and Men - who believe in empowering citizens through political access and participation!

Kaci Sisk
Bar-W President


Joining is easy and secure online!

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    Here is the dues preview.

    •   Regular / Voting Member (Bar-W is Primary TFRW Club) $25.00
    •   Dual Associate Member (Female member of another TFRW Club/or male)  $10.00
    •   Associate Member (Male) $10.00
    •   Affiliate (ages 13-18): $10.

    What is the Patron Program, and what is the Freedom Fund?

    Both the Bulverde Area Republican Women Patron Program and the Freedom Fund are fundraisers which provide a unique opportunity to take your membership to the next level. These special programs help Bar-W complete its mission by giving direct financial support to the organization. The Patron Program is a yearly donation of $100, and the Freedom Fund is a recurring, sustaining contribution, with membership starting at $7.40 per month. Both programs are open to members and non-members, and to men and women alike! And each include their own special rewards.

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